How to Save Money On Car Insurance

These days we are all trying to find ways to save money. A great place to start is by looking into auto insurance company discounts to see if you qualify to help you lower your auto insurance. There are many great discounts available that many of us don’t know about or think will apply to us.

First and foremost shop around, this is the most obvious way to save money on your auto insurance. Don’t let the fact that you’ve been with your current insurance provider for years keep you from shopping around. There are many different providers on the market that offer great deals and savings, it could be very beneficial to you to look into those other options. Also if you shop online and purchase your insurance plan online there are typically discounts for doing so.

If you do not yet own a car and are looking to purchase one, before making your purchase obtain quotes from different insurance providers so that you know ahead of time what you will be paying for auto insurance. Sports cars and luxury cars will usually have higher monthly payments so keep that in mind before purchasing your new car.

Insurance providers also offer discounts for safe vehicles. What this means is you will get a discount on your insurance based on the safety features in your vehicle. Air bags, alarm systems, antilock brakes, LoJack and other features on your vehicle are all key factors in qualifying for the safe vehicle discount.

Another discount available is the low mileage discount. If your place of work is close to your home and your annual mileage isn’t very high you might be eligible for this discount.

Remember when you were in school and you would get rewarded for good grades, auto insurance providers also reward you for good driving. If you are a very cautious and courteous driver that doesn’t get any tickets and hasn’t been in any accidents in a 3-5 year time frame your insurance provider most likely will give you a discount for being a safe driver. Another thing that you can do is take a safe driver course, talk with your insurance provider to see what the requirements are and what type of discount you are eligible for by taking this course. By taking one of these courses you might actually add points to your driving record thus reducing the amount you pay for your insurance.

You can also lower your insurance by raising your deductible. You will save money in the long run but before making this decision keep in mind that your deductible is the amount that you will pay out of your pocket if you get into an accident and your vehicle needs to be repaired.

Another thing to consider is the age of your vehicle; if your cars value has depreciated it might not be worth it to have collision coverage. Most insurance companies only pay claims equal to a car’s cash value so its said to consider dropping collision coverage after four years. Just keep in mind that by doing this you are solely responsible to pay for damages to your car if something was to happen.

Keep in mind that it pays to shop around and research the discounts that are available to you. You work hard for your money and deserve to get the best value for your buck.